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Challenge accepted. Test your rummy trivia

  • Published Date January 19, 2021
  • By Admin


Challenge accepted. Test your rummy game trivia

It’s all about rummy! Love playing it? Think you’re a rummy pro? Want to pursue an online rummy career professionally? Well, here’s a googly of a quiz for you to find out whether you are a rummy connoisseur or not. If you are familiar with rummy rules and know how to play rummy online, these detailed questions will not test your rummy trivia but also give you a deeper and more thorough understanding of the game. Play on to challenge yourself and figure out the nuances of this wonderful game. Happy testing!

1 How many cards are dealt to each player in Classic rummy?

A. 13

B. 9


2 What are deadwood cards in the game of rummy?

A. A combination of two sequences

B. Cards which are not part of sequences or sets

C. Cards that have a high point

3 What is the other name for an open deck?

A. Stock Pile

B. Discard Pile

4 What does the term ‘Show’ mean?

A. When a player declares the game by forming their cards in a valid form of sets and sequences

B. The face-up cards in a discard pile

C. When a player disclose any card in a hand

5 How many pure sequences a rummy player online must make to declare it as a valid hand in Classic rummy?

A. One

B. Two

C. Three

6. How many printed joker cards are allowed in Classic rummy with a single deck?

A 3

B 1

C 2

7 Is there any possibility of a game getting tied in a rummy game?

A No

B Yes

C Not sure

8 Recognise the pure sequence among the following:

A A♠, A , Joker

B Joker, K , K

C 7♣, 8♣, 9♣, 10♣

9 In order to reduce a load point, which of the following cards should a player discard?

A Joker cards

B Wild cards

C King

10 How to declare the cards when playing on Gamentio?

A When a player had made all the melds, and without discarding the last card they click on declare

B Once the player has a valid to declare, with the last card lay off, they should click on declare and discard

Here we are done with our rummy quiz. Aren’t you curious to check how many of your answers are correct? So, here you go! 


1 Each player is dealt with 13 cards in Classic rummy.

2 Cards that are not part of a set or sequence are called deadwood cards.

3 The other name for an open deck is known as a stockpile.

4 A player shows when they declare the game by forming their cards in a valid form of sets and sequences.

5 It is mandatory for a player to make one pure sequence.

6 One printed joker is allowed in rummy with a single deck.

7 No, there is no possibility of a game getting tied in Classic rummy.

8 7♣, 8♣, 9♣, 10♣ is the pure sequence.

9 A player must discard king to reduce their load point.

10 Once the player has a valid hand to declare, with the last card lay off, they should click on declare and discard.

Grade yourself

You are your own boss and guru. So, go ahead and analyse your skill level. If all your answers are correct crown yourself the rummy champion. If you answered 7-9 questions correctly, you have knowledge about the game and reached the proficiency level. If you score between 4-7, you are an average player. Anything below 4, you need to practice more and brush up your rummy online skills.

Looking for a site where you can play for fun for unlimited hours? Not comfortable playing with strangers? Well, head over to Gamentio and play rummy online with friends who are miles apart from you and have all fun and entertainment directly from home.

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