Question:Can I use a Joker in a pure sequence?

Answer: Yes you can, but one pure sequence is mandatory for all hands, meaning without a joker. After you have one pure sequence, you can use the joker card to complete either a sequence or a straight.

Question: Is it possible for a player to get three jokers?

Answer: Well, it certainly is, but requires great luck to get all the three jokers.

Question: Can all the sets be sequences?

Answer: Yes. All the sets can be sequences if your possible hands have no scope for straights, but sequences.

Question: Is Rummy a game of skill or chance?

Answer: Rummy is a game of skill since it requires a lot of thinking and awareness of the moves of your opponents. Rummy requires a player to be well aware of their possible melds and which cards they must not discard to keep the opponents from advantage.

Question: Can I pick a joker discarded by the player just before my turn?

Answer: No. A joker cannot be picked from the discarded pile. However, if you get a joker from the closed deck, you can use it to your advantage to make a combination.

Question: What are right combinations in Rummy?

Answer: In Rummy, right combinations involve sequences of same suits or straights as showed below.