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5 Types of Rummy Players You Will Find Online

  • Published Date February 1, 2019
  • By Admin

When you are playing online Rummy card game, you will be playing against the players who are unknown to you. You might not know the person you are playing the game with, but you can figure out their gaming style. Every player has their own style of gaming. If you can figure out their gaming pattern then you improve your game too.

Listed below are the types of Rummy players that you can come across.

The beginners/ Newbies: The newbies are completely inexperienced in the game. You can easily spot these players online. As a beginner, they are very keen on understanding the rules, variants, the online format of the game, offers, etc. These players usually play free rummy games, Freerolls tournaments, and low stakes cash table. You can find such players after a game or two. The bets of newbies would be a bit conservative and the win would be a big thrill for them. Most of these players will (fortunately for the experienced player), leave the game after the first few times of losing. The impatient beginner can be an easy target for someone with even a little skill.

Light-hearted players: These are the players who play rummy for fun and entertainment. They are easy going, care-free players who don’t moan over their losses. They prefer to use a simple method in the game. They come only to enjoy the game. But don’t consider them as an amateur player, as many of them participate in tournaments and win money also. These players know their limits and also know that they will probably not cause any major losses that will create problems for them. Mostly non-professional, these players are neither hustlers nor aggressive players.

The Aggressive: These players are the real passionate players of the game. They are the one who will never quit the game and often show their aggression in messages on chat. One word of advice, ignore such messages and concentrate on your game. They are very impulsive in nature who don’t care about their starting hands and will never fold their current hand even though they have difficult cards. They will try to meld their cards even though they do not have a pure sequence. These players tend to lose more than they win because they focus on making their hand rather than winning the game. You can tell such a player apart  after a game or two. If you can observe the cards discarded by them and their game pattern, you will easily win the game.

The Bluffmaster: Rummy is a game where the players can easily bluff and force their opponents to drop their hands. They are not bothered about their victory or defeat. These kinds of players have mediocre starting and they continually bluff other players. They may pretend to have a brilliant hand even when they’re dealt with the worst cards. These are the players who will make you think that they are about to finish the game just to gauge your reactions. So, you must be aware in the game if you have a bluff master as your opponent and not fall into their trap.

The Intelligent: These are the players for whom the game is not a passtime, but passion. They have a high amount of patience in them. The intelligent players apply their skills and experience in the game to win big. The players are not just skilled, they know how to defeat their opponents with just a couple of moves. They don’t even prefer to make a small risk. Such kind of players can even drop their game in the middle of the game if they don’t a have chance to win with their particular hands. They always play the game in a calculative way.

You will surely find these players in one game or the other. If you have already played Rummy, then let us know your experiences and under which category do you fall. It is important to understand your opponent, no doubt. But, it is even more crucial to know your own natural style of playing to be able to constantly improve and change your gaming style with each dynamic game.
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