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How to Play 7 Cards Rummy?

  • Published Date October 15, 2020
  • By Admin

 How to play 7 cards rummy: Basics & rules

Rummy means fun, excitement, skill, and entertainment. It is one of the favourites for generations in the Indian subcontinent and a great source of amusement and full of challenges. Rummy breaks the generation gap, making it a binding factor between generations. Irrespective of the age gaps, even the members of the family connect in rummy games. 

Growing up, my cousins and I spent (still do, whenever we are together) hours and hours of playing seven cards, a rummy multiplayer card game our grandmother taught us. So, whether it's a grandmother teaching a trick or two, or a cousin who seems undefeated at the rummy game, all bond and connect over the rummy games. Ask any rummy enthusiasts; they will likely have some childhood story to tell about this entertaining game.

What separates rummy from other card games is that it comes with simple yet interesting rules and strategies. The popularity of rummy card games comes from fun, ease, and availability. No matter what your skill level, there are different types of rummy, you can choose from. One such variant is 7 card rummy. 

This variant, unlike its other variant, is a simpler, relaxed, and quick version of rummy. One can easily learn to play rummy in 5 minutes. The ease and the ability to play quick games are the two key reasons why 7 card rummy has gained popularity among novice players. Another reason for its increased popularity is that there is no trouble of trying to maintain scores as it is purely played for fun. 

The objective of seven cards rummy

The objective of every player is to be the first one to make certain matching combinations. The combinations may differ from either between the same suit for a straight (example: 2♣3♣4♣5♣ and JQKor 2♣3♣4♣5♣6♣7♣8♣) or a set of different suits ( three Kings and four 5s). The combinations of the variant are decided by the players beforehand. The aces are always low in seven cards rummy.

How to play 7 card rummy: Basic rules

The play begins with the dealer, who is selected randomly and deals seven cards to each player. The dealer deals the cards from left to right in a clockwise direction. Each player should leave all their seven cards face down on the table until each player has their seven. The remaining undealt cards are placed face-down at the centre of the table. This pile is known as the community or the stock. 

After the deal, the dealer turns up the topmost card from the stock and puts it on the centre table to start the discard pile.  The remaining undealt cards are placed face-down at the centre of the table. This pile is known as the community or the stock. 

The player to the dealer’s left goes first. They can either pick the card from the discard pile or draw a card from the pile of remaining cards. It is advised to take the card from the discard pile only if there is a possibility of making a combination with the cards in your hand. If you don’t need the card from the discard pile, pick a card from the stock. Once you look at the chosen card, you must choose a card from your hand to discard. The card you discard should be the one which you needed the least. The game continues in the same clockwise manner. 

Winner of the game

The first player to make a winning combination in their hand wins the game. Once you pick up the card from the stock or the discard pile that wins, it is essential to discard one from your hand and put it face down in the discard pile. The player will show their cards to the rest of the players, and if the objective is achieved, they win the game.

The rules of seven cards rummy are dead easy. All you have to do is just keep a check on the shuffling of the deck, followed by the clockwise rotation of the player’s turn.


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