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Safety and Privacy of 24X7 Rummy games

  • Published Date August 8, 2019
  • By Admin

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Card games are always exciting. Especially rummy. It is one of the favourite pastime games for a couple of centuries now. Rummy is said to have evolved from ‘Conquian’ a game originated in Mexico. There are many variants of this card game that are being played and enjoyed in different parts of the world even today.

In India, Rummy is played by all age group of youngsters, adults, or elderly people. It is played on various occasions as part of the culture, whether it is festivals, weddings, family get-togethers, or parties. With the opportunity to play online Rummy, many Rummy enthusiasts make the most of it. There has been a boom in online cash Rummy card games ever since the Supreme Court of India declared it as a skill-based game.

However, many people who wish to play and learn Rummy online have a concern about their safety and privacy aspects of 24X7 Rummy games. Below are some points which will surely clear your doubts and assure you that it is entirely safe to play online.

Verification of reputed sites: 

The passion for online rummy is on the rise. Before signing up, you must verify the authenticity of the site. Reading reviews or testimonials from other online players can help you figure out how genuine the site is. Some websites also provide total security protection, which makes them completely trustworthy to play. Nowadays, there are several sites available to download Rummy. Make sure you choose only the reputed one.

Lucidity of rules: 

When you sign up on Gamentio, you will find a separate section of rules of 13 card Rummy. This means that you can learn the rules of Rummy with ease. Having a complete clarity of the rules helps players play with confidence.


Authentic and credible Rummy sites have a certified random number generator (RNG), which ensures that the cards dealt to the players are dealt randomly. This certificate shows how authentic these sites are and protect you from any cheating on the website. You can easily find this certificate on any trusted website.

Safe and secure payment gateways: 

As all the transactions are done online, Rummy portals make sure that they have safe and secure payment gateway options for players to make a deposit. Furthermore, the latest Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a must for providing multiple payment options like a debit card, credit card, PayU, Paytm, NetBanking, etc. Robust and secure payment gateways on a reputed site give confidence to its players to put their money on their favorite games and play with ease.


Not only deposits are easy to access at all points, but instant withdrawals can also be performed with ease. On Gamentio, there is an instant cash disbursement on winning. There is no lock-in period. So, you can instantly withdrawal your winning amount, which facilitates a smooth gaming experience for the players.

Responsible gaming: 

There is a responsible gaming environment for every Rummy player in our portal. We refrain players who are below 18 years from  playing in coins game or real money games. Complying with the law, we don’t offer our services to the states, including Assam, Maharashtra, Orissa, Gujarat and Telangana.

Gamentio believes in ‘Fair Play’. The website has a robust software that guarantees that the games are 100% safe and secure to play. So, if you are willing to play Classic Rummy, but feel indecisive to play, don’t worry. Just sit and enjoy the game from the comfort of your home and win BIG without any worries.

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