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Number of Players Deck Joker Cards Distributed Number of Melds
2 (min.) 1 1 13 4,3,3,3
3 1 1 10 4,3,3
4 (max.) 1 1 7 4,3

Ranking Order of cards : 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 J Q K A

Drag Functionality

To Change the placement of a card within a meld/group, drag that card across the screen

till you reach its desired placement. As illustrated below :-

How It's Played?

The idea is to arrange cards into SEQUENCES and SETS.

SEQUENCE is a group of 3 or more consecutive cards of the same suit. It is also known as a Run.

Pure Sequence of 3 cards (Run)

Pure Sequence of 4 cards (Run)

How It's Played?

Set is a group of 3 or more cards of the same rank in different suits.


Set of 3 cards

Set of 4 cards


A player must create One Pure Sequence in every game for it to a valid hand.

Invalid Sequence

Valid Sequence

A Pure Sequence is created without the use of the joker (wild card).


In each game the JOKER is kept, face up, under the closed deck. It's purpose is to help players complete their Runs or Sets

Barring one pure sequence, a Joker can be used anywhere.

It cannot be drawn from the discarded pile of cards.

Draw and Discard

With every move a player must Draw (either from the closed deck or discard pile) a card and Discard a card as well.

Closed Pile

Discard Pile

Draw and Discard

At no point during a hand can a player hold more than 13 (2player game), 10 (3 player game) or 7 (4player game) cards.

A player cannot discard a card drawn from the discard pile in the same move.

Declare and Discard

Once a player has finalised his/her melds and believes they have a valid hand to Declare, with the last card that they lay off, they must Declare & Discard.

This also indicates to the other players that the hand has come to an end.


At the end of each hand players are given some time to sort their cards in such a manner so as to minimize the amount of coins that they stand to lose at the end of a hand. This is known as Melding.

32 Melting Cards

This also indicates to the other players that the hand has come to an end.


Players must utilize this time to ensure that their cards are arranged in sequences and runs.

You may change the placement of the Joker (if you have any) in order to complete melds that have higher value cards.


At the end of each hand the winner is awarded coins based on the incomplete melds of the othere players at the table.

This total is multiplied by the stakes of that room to arrive at the total coins won by the player.

Players Name Results Cards Coins Won
Mohit Kumar winner 452

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