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The Joker can save your game in Rummy

  • Published Date October 24, 2017
  • By ridhima arora

Many people are fond of playing Rummy. Unfortunately, not many of them are aware of the importance of the joker card. First, you must understand the Rummy rules carefully. To begin with, the Joker is used to replace any card. Discover the secret in using this card wisely and emerge as game winner.
When you play Rummy card game, the usual pack includes two jokers and 52 suit cards or 54 cards in all. Again, it is a wild card and used instead of the regular suit from Aces to Kings. It’s crucial to determine when and how to use the Joker. Normally, it depends on the Rummy game that you are playing.
It may be a wild card but the Joker may be the key in the whole set. Those who play Rummy card game frequently know, that the Joker boosts the player’s chances of winning. In short, this card can alter the game’s outcome. With the joker’s help, one can be transformed from a loser to a winner. All it takes is to learn how to combine your cards in Rummy. However, the Joker can be worthless in a game without any real or pure sequence as experts describe it.
You can pick some bright ideas from the pointers given below:
1.) First and foremost, go over the basic Rummy rules thoroughly.
2.) Try using the Joker to take the place of high-value cards such as Aces, Kings, Queens, and Jacks. This helps lower your points.
3.) For online Rummy games, make sure the joker is mixed with your other cards so your points will be limited. In case there is sudden power failure or technical glitches, the melded Jokers will reduce your points.
4.) Check out the open Joker before you plan any sets. Never create the sets after the cards have been dealt. By doing this, there is a lower chance that you discard useful cards. Besides, you have better choices from the deck.
5.) Get rid of cards close to the open Joker. For example, discard the numbers 3. 4. 6, and 7, if 5 is the open Joker.
6.) In online Rummy Card games, group the Jokers in case you have more than two of them. Separate the Jokers and concentrate forming sequences without these cards. Maintain the Jokers as life-saving cards that will enable you to recover and return to the game. Once the sets or sequences are formed, use these Jokers to create the remaining sequences.
This makes you a very good player of Rummy who does not rely on Jokers alone. You’re not a sure winner even if you have several Jokers since it diminishes the chances to create pure sequences. It would be a clever move to dispose of your Jokers because opponents are not allowed to pick them up.
Follow the advice of Rummy experts. Use Jokers prudently as these clown cards can make or break your game. At the same time, play your other cards shrewdly as well to win that game.


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