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5 Unconventional Facts About Classic Rummy That You Can't Learn from Books

  • Published Date February 2, 2018
  • By Admin

Rummy Card game is one of the most interesting card games known, with more and more people playing it due to its availability online. Most people don't know about some interesting facts that come along with Rummy Card game.

Why don't you take a look at some of these interesting facts?

1) A Vague Origin

The origin of rummy remains unclear till today, with many claiming that rummy started from the Spanish royal family in the 19th century, some also claimed that rummy was originated from the old Chinese empire game called Mahjong. Some believed it is a very similar game to the original French poker game played in the early 19th century.

Unlike what most people believe, the word 'rummy', originated from the British poker game called 'Rum poker', and it evolved into rummy, as it's known today.

2) A Well-Known Game

Rummy card game is one of the most known card games Worldwide just behind Teen Patti and Poker. It is one of the most played game in the world especially online.

Contrary to what most people believe, Rummy Card game is not only played by adults. Recent research has shown that it is played by people of all age categories. It's a game that's played at different events and gatherings; among friends, co-workers and family all around the world.


3) It Can Make You A Genius

Most people believe playing Rummy card cannot improve a person's intelligence. This belief isn't entirely true. Rummy card is a game that will help the player develop into a smarter person, as it demands a lot of concentration to be good at it. Playing Rummy card is a game that will help the player develop several skills such as adaptation, prediction, strategizing, and also risk management.


4) Play Rummy Card Game at All Times

With the advancement of technology, Rummy Card game is now available 24/7 online for players to play at all times. Different players from different parts of the world are logged in at different times, so you can't run out of opponents to play, and this is making the game much more popular around online around the world. Players can access the game online at all times through their PC, mobile, and tablet.

5) Different Versions of Playing

Most people don't know about the different ways to play Rummy Card game, but there are about 20 to 100 different variations of playing it both online and in-house. It all depends on preference and number of players available, rummy card game can even be played with just two people.


The Rummy Card game is an interesting, knowledgeable and fun game to play. Getting to know some of the facts about the game has been Informative. So, what are you waiting for, you should start playing already.

Don't be selfish. Share this information with your friends and families. They too can become experts at playing Rummy Card Game.  

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