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5 Tips to Avoid Failure in Online Rummy Tournament

  • Published Date November 29, 2019
  • By Admin

One of the exciting facets of playing in an online rummy tournament is that you can win real money and get free bonuses from the comfort of your home. Not only it is a fun game, but a great platform to make some money by investing less and winning more. Most of the players prefer to invest money, but only a few skilled players make a profit out of it.

Moreover, who will not like the idea of earning money with no physical effort made. You have to just apply skills and strategies to win the game. Below are five tips to avoid failures in Rummy real money tournaments.

Tip 1: Positioning of Cards: 

The moment 13 cards are dealt to you, the first thing you must do is group the cards based on sets and sequences. While doing so, make sure to make one pure sequence first. The arrangement of cards will help you not to mistakenly discard the cards which you will need to make possible melds or combinations. The purpose of positioning the cards is to arrange not only the cards that are important but also those cards which you will need to discard that are not important.

Tip 2: Observing your Opponents: 

Obviously, your main priority is to focus on your own game, but it is also essential to keep track of your opponents cards too. Analyze the playing style of your opponents, and the cards picked and discarded by them. This will help to predict the cards they hold and the possible melds they are trying to make. This will help you not to throw the cards that might be useful.

Tip 3: Practice: 

If you are a newbie, you may feel excited to start playing real cash games. But, hold on! Playing and winning on a real money table requires practice, patience and strategies. Once you enter the real money tournament, you will be playing against professional players. The best way is to start playing free cash games or practice games to gain knowledge of the platform, controls, strategies, and moves involved. In the case of 13 card game, just knowing the rules is not sufficient as you also need a lot of practice to hone your skills and successfully execute your moves.

Tip 4: Type and Format of Tournament: 

You cannot win an online rummy tournament just like that! There are many formats and variants of the game, and to become a skilled player in each of them is not an easy task. So, the first thing you need to do is identify the variant of rummy you are good at. Once you do this, practice enough on that particular variant and work on your strategies. When you gain confidence, join Rummy freeroll tournaments to know your level of skill while competing against real-time players.

Tip 5: When to Drop: 

While playing in online Rummy tournaments, it is vital to know when to drop. A professional Rummy player senses well in advance that the game is not in their favour and makes the right decision to drop. Once the cards are dealt to you, calculate your odds of winning, and if you don’t think that you can win, it is a sensible decision to quit the game.

If you know how to play rummy, these tips will help you to change the way you play. Learn from your mistakes to ace in the game of Rummy. 

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