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5 Best Uses of Joker While Playing Classic Rummy

  • Published Date September 18, 2018
  • By Admin

It is no longer a news that a lot of people love playing the Rummy game. However, not many people know how to combine cards in the Classic Rummy effectively.

While playing the Classic Rummy Card game, the standard 52-card deck have two Jokers which make 54 cards in all. It is important that you know when and how to deploy the Joker – a wildcard used in place of the normal suit from Aces to Kings.

Following are 5 best tips that you can follow to rule this game:


Use Joker to replace high-value cards

We recommend that you try to use the Joker to lower your points. You do this by using the Joker to replace high-value cards like Kings and Queens, Aces and Jacks etc.

Before Planning any Set, Check the Open Joker

The open Joker should be analyzed before making an arrangement for sets. This will give you a lower chance of giving out useful cards, leaving you with better choices from your deck.


Get Rid of Cards Close to the Open Joker

Should you have an open Joker, we recommend that you discard all adjacent cards. For instance, should you have 8 on the open Joker; we recommend you get rid of 6, 7, 9 and 10.

Many Classic Rummy experts have known and held on to this strategy which could determine if one will win or lose the game. In other words, winning the card game is not a function of the Joker alone but the cards around it.


Group Jokers in Online Classic Rummy

If you have more than two Jokers, we recommend that you group them. The idea is to keep the Jokers apart and try to form a sequence without the cards. Keep the Jokers as a lifesaver which will enable you to recover the game.


Mix the Joker with other cards

You can also reduce your points by mixing the Joker with other cards. This is recommended with online Rummy games. This is helpful in cases of technical glitches, power surge or power failure. Once you have melded your Joker, your points will reduce.

So, this is how the Joker can completely change the game’s outcome and transform one from a loser to a winner. If you have more tips, do share in the comment box below.

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