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Offensive vs Defensive - Which Rummy Strategy is Best to Play

  • Published Date August 2, 2022
  • By Admin


During the last decade, the Indian gaming industry has made several technological advancements. In fact, it has drastically changed people’s views of playing online games. Earlier, people used to only play rummy with friends and family on rare occasions. However, today it has emerged as the most popular online form of entertainment across the nation.

Online rummy is a fun and highly entertaining game that requires various skills and strategies. It is a game where players must create valid sets/sequences and make a valid declaration before anyone else at the table. In order to reach this ultimate goal, players must first select the best rummy strategy or pace. This approach or pace can be offensive or defensive, which can be used independently or smartly combined during playing.

The offensive approach in rummy

If a player chooses to play at an offensive pace, this means that the player intends to attack their opponents with a series of counter moves. Practice and persistence are required for offensive play, and one must have proficiency while using different rummy techniques. To get the most out of this strategy, one must keep a close eye on the cards the opponents discard or pick from the discard pile. Players can use this information to their advantage by carefully discarding the cards to outwit their opponents.

The use of an offensive approach requires different skills like decision making, memory power, observation, and time management. A player who prefers offensive pace must have a sharp memory and the ability to use various tactics to attack the opponents. However, it is recommended that a player must not use the same moves and rummy techniques. This alerts the opponents, and they might counter-attack with an advanced move.

The defensive approach in rummy

Playing rummy in the defensive approach means that the player is allowing their opponent to set the pace of the game. Though this is a passive approach, many rummy players prefer it since it makes them safe in planning their actions based on the moves of their opponents. Observing how an opponent plays the game helps a player formulate the best rummy strategy. They can adjust their moves and plan the counter move simultaneously. This approach works best for those who have a bad set of cards. If you are a skilled rummy player, avoid playing a defensive strategy, as this is mainly adopted by submissive players. 

Which is the best rummy strategy a player should adopt?

Once a player gets familiar with both techniques, they will have a better idea of their typical approach. Although rummy players may wonder which of these tactics will help them get a better result, the answer is that players' strategies differ depending on the game being played. As a newbie, one must try an offensive approach, which will help them to play safely and survive in the game. However, playing against a skilled player will only last a short time. So, in this situation, taking a defensive approach and deciding the best rummy strategy based on the opponent is recommended. One must be acquainted with both the methods and employ the one in which they are more confident. 


Playing a card game is a never-ending process of discovering new strategies to outwit opponents. Whatever approach a player chooses, we advise them to brush up on their skills before playing for real money. While practicing the online rummy strategy for free, try using both tactics. Doing so will help to better understand which sort of play will benefit the most when playing for real money. 

Thinking about where you can practice the game unlimited for free? Well, you are at the right place! At Gamentio rummy, you can play practice games until you feel confident enough. So, download the rummy app for free, practice both styles of playing and choose the best approach that corresponds with your strategies.




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