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Strategies To Implement With a Bad Rummy Hand

  • Published Date June 10, 2020
  • By Admin


Have you ever got bad cards while playing card games? The answer is pretty sure yes because practically anyone who has played a card game must have experienced this. And obviously, they blame the dealer for this, right? Getting a weak hand to at least any one player in the group is very common, which usually turns out to be useless while playing in competitive games. However, in a game like Rummy, even if you are dealt with terrible sets of cards, you can turn the game around and increase your chances of Rummy winning hands if you know how to do it.

You might be thinking how to do that? Well, the most important thing is to stay vigilant and put all your skills into use. Sure, the cards that you will pick will help you, but the actual game-changer is YOU. So, here are some strategies on how to change the bad Rummy hand into winning hands.  

Practice regularly: 

This is the vital point for the Rummy game. Whether you have a good hand or a bad one, without constant practice, you cannot ace the game. Remember that apart from rules, it is imperative to get the right strategies and make calculative moves throughout the game. The more you practice, the better you become. By practicing the game, you will learn different ways to get off the tricky situations. You will be able to think of new ways to form sets and sequence. It is not the cards that decide your fate, but your skills and smartness can. So, start practicing and keep sharpening your skills.

Study your cards wisely: 

Study your cards as soon as you get them. Think about the sets you can form and the different moves you can make. Especially in the game like Indian Rummy, it is vital to understand your cards and how you can utilize them. For instance, if you have low-value cards, don’t get upset. Irrespective of the value, try to make one pure sequence at the beginning only which is necessary for the winning. Once you have made a pure sequence, take care of your other cards as you cannot declare the game without having a pure sequence. 

Mid-value cards: 

It is easier to make sets and sequences with mid-value cards quickly. If you have middle cards, you have a chance to make more combinations with other middle cards. For instance, if you have 6 of any suit, you can make an alternative sequence like 4, 5 or 5, 7 or 7, 8. So, don’t think to discard them immediately. Instead, think of how you can use them in future as well. 

Strength of low-value cards: 

Many players think that face or high-value cards are key to win the game. Well, this is true to some extent. However, low-value cards can play a significant role in forming sets and sequences. If you have low-value cards like 2, 5, and 7, these cards can get you a good score if you know how to play rummy strategically. It is not statistically proven that face or high- cards lead you to win, and having the low-value cards means the end of the game. Thus, whenever you have low-value cards, don’t fear. Instead, use them to your advantage.

Get rid of high-value cards: 

If you feel excited by having high-value cards, relax. If you get big cards, it does not guarantee that you will win. Holding the high-value cards for a long time means that you are at risk of losing with high points. The best thing is to make an impure sequence by using a joker, but, if you don’t have any joker, discard it at the beginning of the game. The sooner you dump it, the safer you will be from making a terrible loss.

Don’t rely on a joker: 

Obviously, having a joker can save your game in Rummy. But, if you don’t have any, it does not mean you cannot get during the gameplay. While playing, you need to stay confident and calculate the hand your opponents are trying to make. Keep a close watch on the cards they pick from the discard pile and the cards they discard. Doing so will give you an idea of possible melds they are trying to make. Observing their move and using your own Rummy skills can help you win the game, even if you are not fortunate enough to have a joker.

So, when you think you are dealt with a bad Rummy hand, think once more. You can easily win the game just like any other hand. All you need to do is stay alert and focus on the game. 

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