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13 Card Game Rummy vs 21 Card Game Rummy

  • Published Date May 29, 2020
  • By Admin


Two players were having a dispute about Rummy. The first player was in the favor that 13 card game is more interesting than 21 card game. Whereas, the other player argued that 21 card game Rummy is the best.

From 13 card game to all the way to 21 card game, the debate is intriguing. But if you had to decide which one would you select? Hard to choose, isn’t it. Let’s resolve this debate here.

The objective of both card game is the same, i.e. to arrange all the hand cards into valid sets and sequence. Yet, there are some fundamental differences that make each variant unique. Let us see the differences between both variants:

Number of cards dealt: As the name suggests the primary difference between both the game is the number of cards dealt. In 13 cards Rummy, 13 cards are dealt, and in 21 card Rummy game, 21 card games are given to each player. Since 21 cards Rummy has eight cards more, so 13 card game Rummy ends faster.

Number of decks: Usually with two decks of cards are played in 13 card game and three decks in 21 card game. The addition of the third deck of a card makes the Rummy game more strategic and challenging.  

Number of Pure sequences: In 13 card game, you need to make one pure sequence along with other valid sets and sequences. On the other hand, in 21 card game Rummy, you need to form at least three pure runs. Thus, 13 card game Rummy is a simple variant of the card game.

Role of jokers: Joker is an important part of a game in Rummy. It can save your game. The purpose of jokers in both the variant is same, which is to substitute any cards to form sequences or sets. However, there is a different feature in 21 Rummy card game, i.e. besides joker, it uses value cards. 

The function of value cards is the same as jokers. They can replace any of the other cards. However, this variant is different because it carries additional points that can transform the whole game. 

For instance, if 6 of spade is the cut joker for the game, then all the 6’s of all the suits will be jokers. However, if you have 5 of spade (nichlu) and 7 of spade (paplu), each opponent will give some extra points to you known as value cards. Also, if you have 6 of spade (titlu), then also you will get an extra point.

Marriage hand: Another way in which 21 card game is unlike from 13 card game variant is the marriage hand which is possible in 21 card game. It means if you have all the value cards, i.e. paplu, nichlu, and titlu, this is known as “marriage” and it is deemed to be a pure sequence. Having a value card does not only help in making sequences and sets but also snatch points from your opponents whether you declare the game or not. Therefore, making the version more competitive. 

After knowing all the facets of each gameplay, we can figure out that each variant has its own level of excitement and fun. It is more like a one-day cricket match versus T20 match. Some players like it fast and crisp, whereas others like to play a more challenging game. Now the question comes when you play Rummy online free, should you go for 13 card game or 21 card game Rummy. Well, according to my preference, I would prefer to play 13 card game because of its simplicity and can be enjoyed at a relaxed pace. Apart from fun, a game of Rummy also sharpen your thought process. Which one would you opt for? Answer in the comment section below.

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