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Rummy Tips and Tricks- How to Win Online Rummy Game

  • Published Date December 29, 2019
  • By Admin

Rummy is one of the most popular card games in India and has been played for thousands of years. Thanks to the highly advanced digital world of today that Rummy lovers can play Rummy from the comfort of their home or from anywhere across the world with different players. But many of the players might have questions in their mind regarding the security and legal issues. 

Rummy players don’t really need to worry as Playing Indian Rummy Online for cash is safe, and legal since it does not come under any kind of gambling. According to the law, Rummy is a skill-based game that requires proper game knowledge, lots of practice and full focus during the gameplay. 

In this tutorial, I will discuss some highly effective tips and tricks to win the online rummy game.

Let’s begin!

  1. Arrange your cards properly: The very first step after the cards are dealt to you is to arrange your cards based on your possible sets and sequences. Arranging cards in such a way makes it easier to know which cards you need and which ones to discard. You can arrange your cards by the same suits along with card ranking.

  2. Figure out your priorities: Figuring out priorities in the game of rummy means that you fully understand what is the most important thing to do in the game. And that is, creating a pure sequence as soon as possible. Once you have created at least one pure sequence, you can then start targeting other things like making a trail or another pure sequence if you are getting it.

  3. Observe your opponent: It’s very important to always be alert and observe your opponent during the gameplay. When you carefully watch the cards your opponent is picking and discarding, you get a very good idea of what cards they need to create a meld. Therefore, you can figure out which cards you should retain and discard.

  4. Don’t hold the higher points cards: If the higher cards are not fitting into your melds, then you should get rid of them as soon as possible. This helps you reduce your deadwood points when your opponent makes the correct melds and declares before you do.

  5. Use joker wisely: Using Joker wisely also helps you reduce your deadwood points. Besides, it can help you win the game if placed properly. A joker can complete a sequence (remember a sequence can have 4 cards) or any set. However, it's better to use the joker with higher point cards.

  6. Do not wait for or hold a card for too long: You should neither wait for a particular card nor hold a card for too long. The smart way is to keep evaluating your cards again and again in order to make changes and keep discarding high points value cards that are of no use.

  7. Baiting and Fishing: This means confusing your opponent. You can confuse your opponent by discarding the nearest card of the set which you require. This is best applicable when you are making a set, Let’s see an example, you have 5 5 and requires only one 5 of any suit to complete your set, here you can discard any suit of 6 or 4, this will trick your opponent and they may discard the 5 of clubs or hearts.

  1. Try to Gather Smart Cards: Smart cards such as 7 and 8 of any suits fall in this range. They can use to meld a sequence easily by getting 5,6 and 9 of the same suit.

Last but not least, becoming a pro in Rummy is not so easy as it requires a lot of skills that can only be built by doing a lot of practice. For that, there are many Free online Casino platforms (Gamentio is one of them) where you can register, practice and play for cash using desktop/laptop or mobile App. That’s all, keep practicing to improve your Rummy strategy. You can also play free rummy coins games to get enough practice before you go to play Online Rummy Cash Game or Online Rummy Tournaments. I hope this information will help you step towards becoming a pro and win a lot more. Stay tuned for more on cash game tips.

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