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How do rummy sites facilitate fair play experience for players?

  • Published Date August 8, 2019
  • By Admin

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Among all the card games in India, Rummy is undoubtedly one of the most popular online games among the masses. With technology advancements, players are increasingly inclining towards playing online versions of Rummy.

If you search for online Rummy, you will find thousands of sites offering many variants of the game. Before registering on these sites, it is recommended that you should be aware of the authenticity and legality of these sites.

Below are the key points to check to have a fair and smooth gaming experience.

Security and safety aspect: 

Your first and foremost priority should be to check if the site is safe and secure. When you play Rummy real money online, you have to provide your personal information in order to make a cash transaction successful. It is better to go for a website which has Safety Socket Layer (SSL) encryption.

Registration process: 

After you are aware of the safety and security of a particular online Rummy site, you can register yourself on it. Opt for the site which does not charge for the registration. Discard those gaming platforms which ask for money to register. Furthermore, a legitimate site will give you an option to play and practice for free until you become confident enough to play online rummy for cash.

Promotions and rewards: 

A thriving Rummy website is always on the lookout to meet the needs of players. Such a website offers various rewards to attract users and promote its online Rummy platform. By choosing a site offering rewards is one of the smartest ways to learn as well as earn. Some sites grant free roll coins to its users to try out the game for free and participate in certain promotional tournaments. Search for sites that offer sign up bonus, daily cash prizes, royalty bonuses, referral bonuses, etc.

Reliable user base: 

A well-known Rummy site will have a sturdy user base. You can trust a Rummy site that has  a good number of registered users. By having a look at their statistics, you will get an idea about the competition level that you can expect while playing a tournament on that site.

Government Tax policy: 

A reputed Rummy site follows the taxation policy and deducts TDS if a player’s winning exceeds Rs. 10,000 in any game or tournament. In such cases, you are required to furnish with your Permanent Account Number (PAN), which is issued by the Income Tax Authorities. You will be provided with an appropriate certificate of tax deduction so that you can claim the refund while filing the tax returns.

Anti-cheating software:

A well-positioned Rummy site has anti-cheating software installed to detect the use of automated programs that enable artificial intelligence to play on their website. It ensures to detect the use of illicit automated programs and guarantees to maintain a cheat-free environment for all its users.

RNG Certification:

There are many sites that conduct cash games and tournaments to play. The websites which hold a certification of fair gameplay and tested random number generator are considered 100% secure and safe. The RNG certification is a proof that the company offers a 100% fair gameplay experience and the cards are dealt randomly.

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