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6 Mistakes you are Making Without even Realizing While Playing Online Rummy Card Game

  • Published Date June 3, 2019
  • By Admin

Rummy, of course, is one of the most refreshing and exciting games to play. Although it is easy to learn and play, there are players who make some foolish mistakes without even realizing. Below are the mistakes which a player must avoid while playing an online Rummy card game.

Basic online rummy rules: 

One of the most common mistakes every newbie makes is they forget the basic rules of the Rummy game. It is mandatory to make one pure sequence at the earliest. After making one pure sequence that too without joker a player should make other sets or sequence. Without making one pure sequence, a player will lose the game. So, a player like in every other game must stick to the basic rule of the game to avoid these common mistakes.

When to drop: 

This is one of the mistakes amateur players often make. Mostly, these players often play too many hands even knowing that they have bad cards. It may lead to penalty points, which ultimately leads them to lose the game. A player before his/her turn must calculate the chances of their winning, and if they are dealt with bad hands, they must drop the game.

Poor skill strategy: 

As Rummy is the game of skill, a player must draw and discard cards to make the valid sets or sequence as soon as possible. They must be skilled enough to pick the right card and discard within seconds. Also, a player should change the strategy according to the opponent’s moves. Use the joker intelligently to make a non-pure set and discard the high-value card to ensure minimum penalty points.

Don’t let emotions ruin your rummy game: 

Rummy is the game of intelligence. Never let your emotions come into the game and ruin it. It is vital for a player that he/she should not be carried away by the emotions. Whether you win or lose the game, either of these emotions should not affect your game. Playing the game with full enthusiasm or in sadness, there is a possibility that you might make a bad decision. So, the best thing is that if you not in a good mood, take a break and start with a fresh mind which will help play better in the next game.

Running for too many jokers: 

As a novice player, you obviously will be running after a joker hoping to win the game fast. Such players forget to make a pure sequence which should be the foremost priority in the game. After forming one pure sequence, think of other sets which can be made with the help of a joker. Players going after jokers end up losing the game.

High point Cards: 

Amateur players think that holding high value cards like Ace, King, Queen, and Jack are great cards to form a sequence and they keep these high cards and hardly discard them. But these players forget that these cards carry high-value points. Rummy is a game of points where a player losing the game should have minimum points in hands if the opponent declares the game first.

A player must keep these points in mind while playing online Rummy. Your chances of winning can be increased by following these simple steps. Play Indian Rummy responsibly and avoid these mistakes to turn your losing streak into a winning one.

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