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Rummy Tournaments: Tips for beginners

  • Published Date November 30, 2018
  • By Admin

Rummy tournaments are some of the most popular games that are held live and online. A lot of people are interested in learning how to play a rummy card game and every beginner has to start somewhere. Much has been said over its existence about advanced techniques but let’s go into some of the best tips that will jump start a beginner’s path to being able to learn those more advanced strategies. This should help even the most novice of players be able to get on the right track to making money in rummy card games.

Assuming that you have already used many sources to understand the game properly, one of the simplest and most helpful tips is to make sure that you know how to arrange the cards in the right fashion. This will give you the quickest and most effective overview of what you have. The way to do this is to arrange them from left to right, starting with pure sequences. You can put the undesired cards on the far right so you can easily see which ones to discard.

Another great tip is to get that pure sequence. This is paramount and should be your number one priority. This is accomplished by melding 3 or more consecutive cards of the same suit. This is important because it is the crucial meld for declaring a hand. Also, you should always try to remember the joker which is known as the wild card. Beginners usually tend to discard this card at first which is usually detrimental to you as the game progresses. You should attempt to remove cards that are of the same sequence and close to the rank of the wild card.

You should do your best at discarding high ranking cards. If you do this as quickly as possible, it will go a long way in ensuring that your points liability is reduced when an opponent makes a declaration. Speaking of your opponent, it is wise to always try to pay attention and keep track of the cards they have. If you do this, you can declare the cards that they are the least interested in. This will also give you a better idea of the cards they are holding. If they are drawing cards from the deck, chances are they are on the brink of finishing the game.

These are just some of the basic tips in getting better at any rummy card game. Before you start playing in actual tournaments or with anybody with real money, you should explore some of the online options for honing your skills first. There are many great websites that allow you to play rummy online free. This is a great asset as it allows you to get a feel and that much needed practice before you go and risk real money. After you are comfortable with playing online, then you will have the confidence to go out and get more serious and hopefully start winning those big cash prizes!

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