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Five facts to Know about the Indian Rummy Card Game

  • Published Date September 18, 2018
  • By Admin

Indian Rummy is a popular game, a 13 card game that is in between the gin Rummy and the Rummy 500 card game. It is a card game very popular in India. While the game is very popular, there are some interesting facts and features one should know about it. This ensures seamless time playing the game and can help one cruise to victory effortlessly.

In this regards, we discuss some interesting things to know about the Indian Rummy Card Game.


The Origins

Since the card has become a social game, the origin has been in dispute. Many people have the opinions that the game has its origin in the Spanish card game. It was a game played by the ‘Conquian’, the royals of the 19th century.

Some people also hold the notion that the Rummy card game is a French variation of the Poker game. Others also believe that the card game originated from Mahjong –a popular Chinese game.

One thing we are, however, convinced of is that the word ‘Rummy’ was born from the game ‘Rum Poker’ in the UK.

King-Queen Trivia

Although the Queens in a deck of cards might resemble one another, it is not always so. It seems like the Queen of Diamonds should be the only Queen with a smile. In the same way, out of the four kings, the Spades and Clubs King hold swords. The other two cards also show their kings having their weapons behind them.

It is the 3rd most Popular card game in India

After the poker and the Teen Patti, the classic Indian Rummy Game is the most popular card game – well, arguably the third most popular in India. It is played by people of all age group especially when members of extended families gather together.

Card Designs

While each card is supposed to have the same designs, some do differ. Taking a closer look at the Jacks from each set, for instance, presents a different hairstyle. Some have moustache while others do not. Also, the only one smiling is the Queen of diamond while others have a harsh and mean look. Also, the kings hold weapons varying from an ax to a sword.

Helps in Multitasking

By playing the Indian Rummy card game, you will have no choice but to develop the skill of multitasking. Thus, on playing variants involving huge hands like the 21 or 13 card Rummy, you need to be able to keep up with the game by handling and observing many things.

Thus, you will be arranging your cards in an analytical manner to make planning easy, keeping tabs on your opponent, envisaging their move and mapping out a plan. It is when you can successfully manage all the tasks involved that you can win the game.

The facts about the Indian Rummy card games are simple. The facts presented above can give one an edge in playing this interesting card game. The game has recently gained an immense popularity in online gaming industry. So, if you are the one who misses playing Rummy with extended family or friends, you may join any renowned site and meet them there again. You can also make new friends and play anytime you are connected to the internet. There are many 3D apps available on Play store and App store to give you that real social gathering feel.  

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