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5 Myths About Classic Rummy

  • Published Date June 22, 2018
  • By Admin

Some people scoff at the rummy card game and think that rummy isn't a very good game. Here are some classic rummy myths that you should know. This game is a lot of fun and has a lot going for it when you understand it properly.

It’s Not Just for Older People

Some individuals feel that rummy is just a game for old people that are in retirement homes. this game has actually been around for a very long time and has a lot of fans that are not necessarily older. This game requires a lot of skill and brain power to play properly. Many younger players even ones that are part of the smartphone generation, are playing rummy because it stimulates their brains. There are many digital versions of this game now that you can play which allow you to have fun, learn, and even earn money playing rummy. Don't think of the rummy card game as something that just old people play because this isn't the case.

You Need Luck

While it's true that in some card games you might just need luck to win, rummy really isn't like this. Classic rummy is a game that is based more upon the skills that you have and not really chance. When you get cards in the beginning of the game this is a course a little bit of luck, but it's how the player works with these cards and manipulates them that determines their success. They need to from the right sequences and sets of cards and this takes a lot of practice it's not just a chance. You need to think constantly and apply your own skills to become proficient at the rummy card game and win more matches.

You Need to Love Cards

Some people think that you need to be a lover of card games just to play the game of Rummy, but this really isn't true. Many people try and run me because there are tutorials online, YouTube videos, and blogs that talk about this card game. Many people play this card game just because they like the game itself and they might not necessarily play other card games like poker, for example or blackjack.

You Waste Your Time

Another missed about classic rummy is that you're just wasting your time. This can't be further from the truth because you're testing your memory as well as your brain power when you play rummy. You're actually getting great brain exercises when you play this card game which many of us now need. You have to think about the various card combinations, the probabilities that are going to come into play and other things. You learn how to be calm, patient, and observe when you play the rummy card game. You can forget about your hectic life and just play a fun game of cards when you take part in a rummy game.

You Get Addicted

You won't really get addicted to rummy and if you play it quite often this is fine because you're still getting a lot of brain exercise and learning at the same time. It would be far better to play rummy all the time then something else such as a Mindless video game which doesn't really give you anything. Like anything in life, you have to play the game in moderation because you do need a break from the game to recharge your batteries. Rummy can't really be seen as addictive it's more just a fun game for people to play and enjoy.


These are some common rummy myths.  This is a fun game to play with Will stimulate your brain and keep you active it for a long time. It's a great game to learn and to play with other people which has a lot going for it when you compare it to other games.

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