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How Do You Show The Cards While Playing Rummy?

  • Published Date January 31, 2019
  • By Admin

Rummy is a card game in which players constantly pick and replace a card in order to improve the overall hand until you have all the right combinations to declare the hand. When it’s your turn, you draw a card from the main pile or pick up the card just discarded by the opponent. You can play Rummy with two or more players, here is how you show your cards the right way.

Rummy is played by first giving 7 to 13 cards (based on the number of players) with one person being designated to start the round. You should arrange the cards in form of either sets and sequence. A sequence is consecutive numbers of the same suit (3, 4, 5 of Spades), and sets are three of the same rank (three Kings). This is called a meld and players can add to the meld if they have another card that matches the sequence or set.

To get the advantage, making a set or sequence first before your opponents can do so, you must quickly discard the cards that you don’t need and replace with the ones that fit your sequence or sets. The remaining cards in the opponent's hands are then added up to the number of points won. There is also the use of Jokers as wild cards, which can be used as a substitute. But, don’t put it down instantly because others can add to the meld based on the Joker’s equation. A pure sequence is a must, and rest of the combinations can use the Joker to complete sets or sequences.

Players can’t just pick up a card from the discard pile and then put it back in the same round. If two cards are picked up by accident and one of them has been seen, the bottom card has to be put back. The next player who picks up that returned card can take it; if not, the card has to be put on the bottom of the main pile so to prevent any advantage. Also, when you pick up a card that you don’t want, don’t just discard it because the next player may want that card, giving them a big advantage. You card discard strategy should be based on which cards your opponents are picking from the discard pile and which cards they are discarding.

Rummy is a popular game that is an alternative to Poker and Blackjack. It is a game of skill, strategizing what you want, with a dose of good fortune. All of the rummy cards have power if used wisely. Be timely as how you proceed in showing and discarding your hand.
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