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Do you get rid of high-value cards right away?

  • Published Date June 10, 2020
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The concept of high-value possessions in the human mind is Gold, property, jewellery, etc. These possessions are considered to be treasured, and we feel blessed to own that. But in the game of Rummy high-value cards are deemed as unwanted cards. 

Rummy is not just a card game, but a game of skill and techniques to ace it. In Indian Rummy, once 13 cards are dealt, you sort the cards into suitable combinations and discard the unwanted cards like high-value cards. But before you think to dump your big cards, it is essential to consider a few things. But first, let’s see what high-value cards are?

What are the high-value cards?

To win a game of Rummy, you must form all your 13 cards into valid sets and sequences. Cards such as an Ace, King, Queen, and Jack are high-value cards, and all carry 10 points each. As a Rummy strategy, beginners are advised to discard their big cards in the beginning of the game. If in case, any of your opponents declare the game first and win, you will lose fewer points if you get rid of it at the earliest. 

Reduce your points:

Rummy is a sequence game in which each card has its own value. The point system of each card in the game of Rummy is different. From cards, 2 to 10 have point-value as of their same card number. Ace, Jack, Queen, and King carry 10 points, and all jokers carry zero points. Points have a negative connotation, and the notion is they should be reduced not to collect them. 

What to determine when you think to discard high-value cards?

You should think before you speak and before you jump, you must look around to ascertain that it is safe to jump. Similarly, before you think to get rid of your big cards, it is vital to evaluate your hand completely. 

Tip 1: Do your cards form a pure run?

Before you think to discard your high-value cards, do confirm whether they form a pure sequence. If not, go-to tip 2. If yes, you simply don’t need to think about them. In fact, you should be happy that you accomplished the task of completing one pure sequence. 

Tip 2: Just need one card to form a pure run?

As you would be in a rush to discard your big cards soon, your opponents also might be eager to discard them too. For instance, you have spades of Queen and King; you can snatch spades of Jack or Ace discarded by your opponents and complete your run. Ingenious, isn’t it?

Tip 3: Can you use high-value cards as your advantage?

There is a high possibility that most players discard their big cards in the initial stage itself. So, you can use this to your advantage and switch things up. Retain your big cards for now and wait until the third or fourth rounds to begin to discard them. This is because you can make sequences and sets with the cards that your opponents will throw in the discard pile. If you don’t have a pure sequence yet, here is the chance to make it.

Tip 4: Be vigilant when you discard a high-value card

If you have observed that one of your opponents has picked a couple of consecutive big cards from the opened deck, then there is a possibility that they are following the step mentioned above. It also implies that they might be making a sequence or set with it. However, it does have a way to counteract it. If your opponent has picked clubs of Jack, they can form a sequence of clubs of Jack, Queen, and King or clubs of Ten, Jack, and Queen. So, avoid discarding cards closed to clubs of Jack. Otherwise, you are helping your opponent to meld their cards quickly. So, be careful about the card before you discard, as this move can cost them massively if you manage to declare your hand before them. 

You should never act in haste. Acting in haste results in the wrongful decision only. Whether it is an online game of Rummy or life, it is essential first to observe the situations and the resources you have in your hand, and then, make a wise decision after considering the possible outcomes. Follow the tips mentioned above to make the best use of high-value cards. Do not get anxious of the Royals!


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