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Rummy and Chess: An expert chess player can play Rummy too

  • Published Date May 29, 2020
  • By Admin


The game of chess is a board game played with two players on a black and white square board. The chess board consists of 64 small squares divided into eight rows and eight columns. Chess is played with a different variety of pieces, each having different capabilities. Before the commencement of the game, the pieces are set up on the board in a particular way. There is no hidden information as both the players can see all the pieces on the board throughout the game. As chess is a game of strategic planning and mathematical calculation, so there is no role of luck in this game.

On the other hand, a maximum of six players can play a Rummy card game with a standard deck of 52 cards. Each player is dealt with 13 cards. It is a game of incomplete information. None of the players is aware of each others hand as all the 13 cards are dealt face-down. Also, there is no prior information of which cards are kept in which order in the stockpile. As Rummy is based on strategy and technique, there is also some element of luck involved in the game.

Chess and Rummy are two different skill games, and regardless of these apparent differences, some basic similarities show that a chess champion can be a successful Rummy player too.  Read on to discover why we are saying so.

Synonymity between Chess and Rummy

The way of playing and the overall structure of both these two games are different. Yet, the following similarities mentioned are vital to take into consideration for any player who plays chess and wants to try Rummy`. 

Game of skill: 

Both Rummy and chess are a skill-based game. Before planning to make any moves, a player needs to analyze the situation cautiously. They must analyze the move made by their opponents and strategize it accordingly. The strategy in both the games is used at every step all the way to the end of the game. So every move needs to be calculated and to work on outcomes expected from it. 


Both have a different value in their gameplay for different pieces or cards. Rummy has a deck of cards which consists of four aces, four kings, four queens, four jacks and other cards with low rank. Likewise, chess has two kings, two queens and other pieces of high and low ranks.

Plan ahead: 

When playing a Rummy game, a player needs to think ahead while playing their hand because one wrong move can give an advantage to their opponents. On the contrary, chess players have to plan ahead when playing the game to prevent their defeat due to any single wrong move.  


As both Chess and Rummy involves a lot of focus and skill to win the game, it is essential to practice the game. By practicing the game helps a player to polish their skills. The more time a player will spend on practicing the game, the better they will become in the game. This is the reason that practice makes the players better in both the games. 

Indian origins: 

It is believed that chess has originally started in northwest India as an enhanced version of Chaturanga. It is also known as “Shatranj”. Even Rummy is said to have an Indian connection. 

Now you might be wondering how a chess player can start playing Rummy. Well, thanks to the emergence of the online Rummy platforms like Gamentio, which bring the fantastic game of Rummy at your fingertips. With its concept of 3D online gaming, it gives its players a feel of a real casino experience. Chess players can learn quickly and become a pro by playing at online Rummy.

Just like chess, playing Classic Rummy helps to improve mental stimulation, strategic skills and tactical thinking. In addition, it also sharps the memory, as one has to keep in mind a lot of in-game details. This important advantage in Rummy is what makes it a step above in chess. This is because there are no memorizing steps in the game of chess.

What’s more, you can play rummy online Rummy for real money and win lucrative cash prizes by showing your Rummy skills to the world. Not only this. You can also participate in Rummy tournaments with a minimum buy-in, play with different skilled players and win massive cash prizes. 

So, download the Gamentio Rummy app and have a blast by playing with random people across the globe. You can also play with your family and friends by creating your private room. Get ready to have a daily dose of entertainment from the comfort of your home. 

Happy Gaming!


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