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Is Online Rummy only for expert players?

  • Published Date May 23, 2020
  • By Admin


Has all the talk of online Rummy card game got you excited? Can’t wait to start but apprehensive about the first game? Well, as you are thinking of starting, you might have researched a bit about the game. You would have probably come across a lot about Rummy that it is a skill game, and the more a player is skilled in the game, the higher are their chances to win.

Rummy has always been the most favorite game for card lovers, whether played at any events or as a pastime. And its popularity is steadily increasing with the extensive use of the internet. You might be thinking, how is that possible? Well, since the classic game has gone digital, online Rummy is taking the world by storm. With simple accessibility from the comfort of your home and endless games to play, there is no reason to stop yourself from getting on this action. 

If you are concerned about the game being too difficult and hard to learn, then don’t be. It is a fact that it is a skill-based game, but remember that even all professional players were once a learner. One of the great advantages of online Rummy card game is that every player can enjoy it. Set aside all your anxiety because Gamentio offers the right online Rummy platform for the novice players to get their game on. Here’s why:


Opportunity to learn the fundamentals: On Gamentio, a novice player can learn the nuances of the game by watching in-game tutorials and demo games before starting to play in the live environment. The tutorial will familiarize you with the rules, terminology, and the objective of the game. You can learn the game in complete detail. As Rummy is an easy game to understand, even as a novice player, you will not have any difficulty in learning the rules. Whereas, in the demo, you can practice the game at the practice table for unlimited hours to improve your skills. In this, you will get hints at every step, hand, and round.


New perspective: Who says an expert player deserve to have all the fun? When you are learning a new game, you are bound to have a fresh outlook, and this can be a great strategy at times. With no one watching over you and pounding the rules into your head, you can quickly learn the rules by yourself. As you will be having complete control over the game, you will learn it swiftly and will become a pro in no time!


Emotions: Since offline Rummy is played face to face, so you have to hide your emotions. Whereas, in an online Rummy, you can express your happiness, surprise, or any other emotion that you will feel while playing the game. As in the online version, your opponents cannot see, you don’t have to fret about the advantage your opponents might take by seeing your facial expressions. 


Learn by practice: As a beginner, if you want to hone your skills, practicing is the best way to do it. There is no other substitute for it. After you have gone through the guided tutorials, beginning with some practice games is a great idea. By doing so, will give you a clear overview of how players play their game. Also, it sets you up for future success when you will start playing Rummy cash games. 


Cash Rummy games: As soon as the beginner days are over, you can choose to switch from practice games to real cash games. These games usually require a minimum buy-in, and in turn, you get a chance to win massive winnings that too real cash. Apart from cash games, there are also Rummy tournaments for those who want to take their game a little more seriously. 

Cash Rummy provides a great opportunity for players to make side money, and even some go on to take it professionally. Many professional players have made plenty of real cash by playing in an online version of Rummy. Although it seems difficult initially, with continuous practice and training, you can become a pro player. 

Getting started with a game of online Rummy is as simple as learning the English alphabets. Dig out the Rummyness in you by playing 13 card game on Gamentio. It is one of the well-known card game industry and has maintained to provide the best experience with its thrilling rummy games and tournaments. On this site, you can play both free and cash games. 

As a beginner, you can master the game with the help of demo games or in-game tutorials. Once you become a skilled player, you can start playing at low stakes cash games and slowly move to play high stake table. So, eliminate your fear and pick up Rummy today.

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