Rummy Rules

Gamentio Rummy is based on Classic Rummy(13 card game), which is the most popular form of the Rummy card game played across the Globe. We have enlisted some of the rules below to help you understand the game better and make it even more enjoyable.

  1. Turn moves in a clockwise manner around the table.

  2. A player gets 15 seconds to make a move. Each player is allowed 3 lapses(not making a move in 15 seconds), after which they will automatically lose the hand and the hand will come to an end.

  3. The objective of the game is to meld cards into groups of Runs or Sets.

    6789 of same suit is a pure sequence(Run) of 4 cards. 678 of same suit is also a pure sequence(Run) of three cards. But 4444 of different suits is NOT a sequence, it is called a Set. K-Q-J is a pure sequence if all the three cards are of same suit. If any card is of different suit, it is an invalid sequence. If 7 is placed under the closed deck as a joker, then all the 7s of all suits are jokers.


    • Pure Sequence of four cards (RUN)
    • SET
    • Sequence completed with the help of a Joker (Ace of Spades)
    • Set completed with the help of a joker (Ace of Spades)

  4. Joker - The Joker is a card that is opened and kept under the closed deck. The purpose of the joker is to help players complete sequences or runs. Barring one pure sequence, the joker can be used to complete any set/run. The joker changes with every hand.

  5. The joker cannot be picked from the open deck of discarded cards, hence, it must always be drawn from the closed deck.

  6. Melds

    Players No. of cards distributed Melds
    2 13 each 4,3,3,3
    3 10 each 4,3,3
    4 7 each 4,3

  7. Players should keep in mind that one meld of cards(whether of 4 cards or 3 cards), must be a pure sequence (Run).

  8. Discard - In Rummy, with every move, a player after drawing a card(from open/closed deck) must discard a card by placing the discarded card in the open deck. At no point during a hand can any player hold more than 13, 10 or 7 cards depending on the number(2,4,6) of players playing.

  9. A card picked from the open deck cannot be discarded in the same turn

  10. Discard and Declare-In Gamentio Rummy when a player believes that he/she has created valid melds, they discard and declare their cards. All the players then sort their cards and create the best possible combinations in order to minimise the number of points to be lost.

  11. Melding-Melding is the process of sorting cards into suitable combinations (Sets or Runs) in order to win a hand. In the Gamentio version of Indian Rummy players are given a period of 45 seconds(shown by way of a countdown timer) to meld their cards before having to declare them.

Points distribution system:

  • In Gamentio Rummy when a player declares a win, he/she is awarded points based on the incomplete card combinations, of the other player(s) at the table. Having said that, no player can lose more than a 100 points in the game of Rummy.
  • The Chips to be awarded at the end of the game are calculated by summing up the points won in that game and multiplying it with the stakes of that room. (e.g. $10, $20 etc.)

Value of cards in ascending order:

Two-2, Three-3, Four-4, Five-5, Six-6, Seven-7, Eight-8, Nine-9, Ten-10, J-10, Q-10, K-10, A-10