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How To Play Rummy

On Gamentio, at the beginning of the Rummy card game, once a player is seated at his/her table, a single card appears on top of each player to determine which players turn will be first. The player who receives the highest value card gets to be first. However, if you're joining a table where a game is already being played, the player who wins that particular hand is deemed the person to make the first move in the next round.

The cards are dealt one at a time, face down, till the requisite number of cards are dealt (2 player game = 13 cards each, 3 player game= 10 cards each, 4 player game= 7 cards each). The rest of the Deck, known as the closed deck, is placed at the centre of the table facing down. A joker is chosen and kept, face up, beneath the deck. Another card is drawn from the top of the deck and opened next to it, to form the open deck.

The player whose turn is first begins the game by, either, drawing a card from the top of the closed deck, or, picking up a card from the open deck, at the centre of the table. The players are also required to discard a card with each move, depending on the combinations they're trying to make. Turn rotates clockwise around the table.

Once a player makes the requisite melds, he/she declares their cards. All the players are then given 45 seconds to create the best melds before all their cards are declared, so that, they can minimise the number of points to be lost. The winner is awarded points on the basis of incomplete melds of other players at the table.