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Some People Excel at Rummy While Some Don’t - Which One are You ?

  • Julkaisupäivä kesäkuu 8, 2016
  • Kirjoittanut Gamentio Admin

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Rummy is a game of skill and luck plays a very little role in it. If you have thorough knowledge of the rules of the game and have good mathematical and probability skills you will no longer remain a loser in the game. Although expertise comes with experience but if beginners keep a few important things in mind, they can actually take lead in the game. With practice of the few enlisted tactics in the post one can improve his skills like observation, concentration and style of play.


  • Discard high point cards first like Ace, King and Queen if they’re not needed to make a sequence or a set. Always try to reduce as much points as possible. High point cards make are a burden if you lose the game.

  • Maximise the use of jokers to derive the maximum benefit. However, they should be used smartly so that they contribute towards your win. Do not add jokers in a meld if you’re already losing. Also, always use them after forming two pure sequences.

  • Regroup your cards regularly throughout the game especially when you don’t have a set or a sequence. Having optimum set and sequences reduce your points even if you lose the game.

  • Make pure sequence first as soon as the cards are dealt. As it is mandatory to make a pure sequence in Rummy, it becomes worthless if you have a sets and runs and not a pure sequence to support your win.

  • Be attentive while reading hands of your opponents. Keep a tab on the cards drawn by him from the discard pile and the cards discarded by him. If you're observant enough then you may get a rough idea as to what sequence he’s making. By not discarding the cards of his choice, you may increase your chances of winning the game.

  • Colors may confuse you. It is always advisable to group your cards correctly so as not to get confused while discarding.

  • Bluffing  is an art that gives a wrong impression to your opponents in contrast to your actual intentions. A few acts of bluffing may save you from losing the game. Although a word of caution, it should be done only once in 5 or 6 games.

    • Discard a low value card at the beginning. As people prefer to discard high point cards first this will give them  an impression that you have a good hand ready to be declared anytime.

    • Discarding jokers will give them a similar feeling. Normally people discard jokers when they have just one card to declare.

  • Act Smart while picking up a card from the open deck. Pick a card only when needed or to complete a sequence so that your opponent doesn’t get to know about your sequence or set.

  • Drop Out is not a bad option if don’t have good cards in the beginning.


  • Make easy combinations with the middle cards like 5 or 6. It is comparatively easy to make a pure sequence or a set with middle cards rather than with high point cards


  • Patience  is tested every second in Rummy. You have to wait for a good card to complete your sequence. So wait and play cleverly while keeping a watch on your opponent’s cards too.


To summarise everything, we would advise like to you to make use of the cards in your hand, whether good or bad, and cleverly convert in it into a winning hand. It all lies inside your head, you just have to be attentive enough to figure it out.

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