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How to Play Indian Rummy For Free

  • Julkaisupäivä lokakuu 4, 2017
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Popular card game Rummy is getting more exciting then ever. Participants need to arrange the cards in hands and catergories the same  into sets or sequences, but one set has to be in a pure sequence. There are some simple guidelines to follow as one progresson to the game.

With the emergence of online games, anyone can play Rummy online free and absolutly without investing a penny out of his pocket. A card will be in sequence when it is there is a group of atleast three consecutive cards of the same suit bearing the identical symbol such as "heart".

Rule #1: All cards should be of different suits in a single set in a rummy game, else it will considered void and invalid if more than two cards of the same suit get used during the process of the play. Any set can't have extra than four cards. Moreover joker can't be includeed in it or else it will become invalid.

Rule #2: Usually, card is picked from the closed or open deck and then discards one of the cards to the open deck.

Understanding Jokers

In the game of Rummy, there are two jokers; Wild joker and Printed jokers.

Wild Jokers: Ther are selected randomly from the closed deck and can be used as a subtitute for any other card.

Printed Jokers: They also carry the similar role in rummy. When a participant gets Printed jokers in hand, than he can use the same to replace any other cards. In case, the printed joker is selceted arbitrarily as a wild joker the A's become random wild jokers.

Understand the sequence

Pure Sequence : when a group of three cards of the suit that is formed without presence of any joker then it is called pure sequence 

Impure Sequence : Contrarily, when a group of three or more consecutive cards of the same suite has atleast one or more jokers then it is called Impure Sequence.

How to win a Rummy Game

when all cards are arranged in proper sequence with one pure sequence, a participant will have to declare the game by discarding one of the cards to the finishing slot.

He will then have to show the sequences to the opponents and wait for a response from them.


  • All thirteen cards need to be in valid sets.
  • It should have two or more pure sequences, but one set should be a pure sequence.

The Final Points


The winner of the rummy card games eventually gets zero points while the loser or other participants gets total as per their card values, A, K, Q, and J sets (all suits) carry 10 points each. Jokers carry 0 points  with them. Any wrong declaration will demand 80 points as a penalty.

When person play rummy card game for cash, then winning money euqals to the someof all opponents" points to be multiplied by Rupee value of the points, online rummy game charges should be deducted from it.

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