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The 5 Winning Secrets About Rummy Only A Handful Of People Know

  • Julkaisupäivä toukokuu 22, 2017
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We all love a good card game, but not many of us understand them enough to say that we are experts. Here are 5 winning secret tips about the card game rummy that only a handful of people know. But before you even consider using any tips and tricks make sure you know all the rummy rules.


Use some reverse psychology

One of the first tips you will be given when starting out to play rummy is to get rid of all of your higher value cards as soon as you can. So it is safe to assume that your opponents might try to do the same. So here’s the catch - if you see the opponent discarding higher value cards, pick them up and form Sets. This will trick your opponents into believing that you don't really know how to play, while all you need to do is form one pure sequence and you're done!!

Get your opponent to give you the cards that you need

This is done easily when you are looking for a card to complete a sequence or set. By the process of baiting and fishing you throw down a card that your opponent will not expect, so they throw down a card close to what you have thrown down and more times than not it's the one you want for your sequence.

Don’t forget you are playing against someone!

By this I mean don't forget that the cards that you throw away may be of use to your opponent. So before you throw your cards away, consider the cards already drawn and what you currently have. For example laying down a card may end up completing your opponents sequence of high value cards.

Seven is like pure gold

Through some research it seems that seven is probably the most valuable card you can get in your deck as It is comparatively easy to make a pure sequence or a set with middle cards like 7 rather than with high point cards.


Trust your memory

One of the best tools to have when playing rummy is your memory. It will be extremely beneficial if you are able to memorize what possible sets your opponents may have. So when the time comes you are able to confidently decide what cards to put down and eventually how to win the game.


These are just 5 valuable tips on how to play rummy and more importantly to win the game, there are many more but if you can master these 5 you will be well on your way to becoming a rummy legend.


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