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Set the Balance Straight

  • Julkaisupäivä tammikuu 4, 2017
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                                                               I'm wishing for a joker

To turn the tables for me

That even though it's based on luck

As the cards are shuffled thoroughly




                                         I focus on making a pure sequence

As it can either make or break a game

I play for long with a smart strategy

To receive more points in return





                                 I keep an eye on my opponent’s playing style

And the cards he discards,

I attempt to hazard a guess

what combinations he’s is trying to make




I think I have those cards

Which might help him declare his meld

But I won't lose out on those cards

As I'm determined to win this game




                              I'm proud of my uncanny skills

That I picked-up in demo classes

It helped me hone my skills and learn some intelligent tactics

To beat my opponents at their own game.



I'm not too attached to high cards

And hold mid-value cards close,

As they have higher probability of making up more combinations

When I play with care



The cards that I discard

sometimes I want it back

But you gotta deal with what you've got

You can't screw with the plot


Don’t worry if you threw away an Ace

The next card could be your saving Grace,

So take a closer look, mate

And get your name in every Rummy record book.


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