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Common Misconceptions about Gamentio Rummy

  • Julkaisupäivä joulukuu 26, 2016
  • Kirjoittanut Swati Panwar

Source: joethegoatfarmer


Gamentio is an online gaming platform where you can enjoy different types of card games and that too in 3D. These games include Teen Patti, Rummy, Poker, and BlackJack. Since it’s a new player in the market, people have slight misconceptions about the gaming platform. I have compiled a list of all such myths here and tried to come up with reasonable explanations and actual facts as to why they aren’t real at all.

I have personally explored the game to its best and found that the overall quality of the gameplay experience is satisfactory when compared to it’s existing competitors in the market.

So let’s head on to a myth-busting mission, shall we ?

  1. Gamentio Rummy is Illegal

    Well, to quote the decision taken by The Supreme Court of Indiaonline Rummy does not come under the ambit of gambling and thus it will be held only if they involve chance and no skill’. This means Rummy is a game of skill and not luck. Since, Gamentio Rummy does not involve any real money gambling so it’s completely legal and secure to play Rummy on Gamentio.

  2. The Point System is Stringent

    Well, as per my experience on Gamentio, I found that the more games I won, the more points I earned. On winning with a good set of cards and a decent playtime, I earned as much as 756 points in Poker and almost 130 points in Rummy. That’s not bad at all. So basically, if you play fair and with a nice strategy you’re bound to earn good amount of points.


  3. I have to pay on Gamentio

    This is the common misconception I’ve come across. People think it’s a gambling website, which it is clearly not. Unlike its opponents, like Octro and Adda52, Gamentio does not involve any monetary transactions.

    You can enjoy your favourite card games for free and earn exciting reward points in return. That is the basic motto of Gamentio-to provide an engaging and fun experience to its user base. But like any other normal game, you can choose to pay for certain in-app purchases like chips. But the Points they award are sufficient for buying chips anyway and in my experience it rarely came down to buying chips with real cash.


  1. Delay means Denial

    Sometimes, I faced a delay in receiving my requested vouchers but the Gamentio team assured me that I will be receiving them in two working days. I understand their situation as they must be consistently flooded with the voucher requests. People are going bonkers over those vouchers. Nevertheless, as promised I received my vouchers in due time and I was satisfied with the experience.

    So a little delay in your vouchers may necessarily do not mean a refusal to dispatch you the vouchers. Sometimes, it might just mean some technical issues as well.


The overall gaming experience on Gamentio is definitely worth trying. It does entrap you and consequently, it gets hard for you to leave the game. So, banish such myths from your mind and get ready to have a fun-filled evening with Gamentio. I’m sure you’ll find the games as much fun as I did. Share your valuable experiences in the comments below. I would love to hear about them. Try our Gamentio Classrooms to learn more about the games you love.



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