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  • Published Date January 24, 2017
  • By ridhima arora



There has always been so much enthusiasm for the rummy game. But not many players truly understand the role of a joker card in a rummy game. A Joker can be used in place of any card and is an easy way to meld your cards into sets and sequences. So to use this card, players must put forth their best skills and strategy.

For all the rummy beginners, there isn't an experienced gap to be bridged; there is just profound ignorance — you just need to cultivate the skill of playing with either one or sometimes no joker in hand and change the odds. Some players have become doyens of the game simply by reading their opponents’ hands and playing accordingly that they can even win without any joker cards.

To make a difference in your gameplay, learn the secret to meld this magical card with your cards. Here are some tips/rules which would be very useful going forward.

Aim for Pure Sequences

The most important thing should be to aim for pure sequences. After forming one or two pure sequences, use the joker to complete the remaining sets/sequences quickly. Don't start fitting in a Joker right after the cards are dealt. This will ensure that you don't end up discarding a useful card.

Use Your Jokers Well

You must learn how to use your Jokers. If you get lucky with multiple jokers, simply have them as a separate group. Keep that as a life-save and only use it when you have formed a pure sequence. If used correctly, jokers will make all the difference and help you win the game.

Discard the Right Cards at the Right Time

A rummy expert will never use jokers to form pure sequences. So, in order to win oodles of points the best strategy would be to discard cards that are close to Jokers. If 6 is selected as the joker, you can discard cards close to the joker like 7 or 5. Discarding the right cards at the right time always will help you stay ahead of your opponent’s gameplay or opponent’s hand. You can win by not discarding the opponent’s desired card and increase the odds of winning the game in your favour.

When You Encounter Multiple Jokers

Everyone fancies Jokers in their hand, but encountering multiple jokers is of no use. Yes, undoubtedly multiple jokers can be used to form multiple melds but it will only reduce your chances of winning the game. So, instead of getting super-excited and emotional about them, learn to discard them. As discarding a joker is easy since players can't pick it up from the discard pile and it always needs to be drawn from the closed deck.

While playing online rummy, getting joker cards is pure bliss. But to put it bluntly, one doesn't always need a joker card to win the game. Joker cards don’t ensure a smooth win. There will be scenarios where a player is not dealt any joker cards. So learn to play without them as well.

Apply these rummy tips next time you play the rummy game. If you find these tips helpful, do let us know in the comments below. Until then, don’t forget to spread the love and lore of the rummy game.

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