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5 Facts That You Should Know About Classic Rummy

  • Published Date September 26, 2017
  • By ridhima arora
Classic Rummy is, well, it’s a classic. The human race has been playing card games for thousands of years, and the great thing about many of them is the fact that they are largely unchanged. Sure, we can play classic rummy online, and other games online, but the rules remain the same. If you’re thinking of stepping into the rummy world online but wish to learn more about this wonderful game, you’ve most definitely come to the right place. Here’s a look at 5 facts that you should know about classic Rummy.
Rummy is incredibly popular – As you’ve probably guessed, classic rummy is a very popular game, but just how popular is it? Well, worldwide it is the 3rd most popular card game ever created. But what about the Rummy world online? Well, online rummy is actually the most widely played card game currently in existence.
Cards back then were different – As mentioned, classic rummy has been played for centuries upon centuries. In the olden days however, only the rich and elite could afford a real deck of cards. Others simply had to make do by making the cards themselves, drawing them up by hand. Once we discovered printing an paper however, packs of cards could be mass-produced and became more readily available to the general public.
People still don’t know how rummy originated – For those of you looking to play Rummy, you may be interested in where it came from. Well, sadly, we can’t provide you with a definitive answer because, honestly, we don’t know ourselves. Some people will tell you that classic rummy originated in China, as it is believed to be loosely based on the ancient Chinese game of Mahjong. Others however, believe that classic Rummy is a French spinoff version of poker. Others still, believe that Rummy card game is of Spanish origin, as it is thought to have came as a result of a Spanish card game called Conquian. Whatever you believe, the origins of this game don’t change the fact that it happens to be so enjoyable.
The word Rum was derived from a word for Odd – In the UK, though Rum is a popular alcoholic drink, the word ‘Rum’ was often used to describe something as being odd, or unusual. For those looking to play rummy, the game was often thought to be unusual as it was so different to the other card games in the UK which were popular at the time- hence the name.
Another theory is that the name is alcohol-related – Another theory as to why the game was known as classic rummy, is down to the fact that the game used to be played for rum. You see, during a game, players would sit at a table and drink as they played. Commonly rum was the spirit of choice. The loser of each game would then make his or her way to the bar, and purchase a round of drinks for everybody sat at the table.  
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