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Ten Incredible Tips to Win More Points on Gamentio Rummy

  • Published Date December 23, 2016
  • By Swati Panwar


There has been much chaos in the market since the launch of Gamentio earlier this year. It is leagues ahead of its competitors and gained high popularity in no time. The unique features which separate Gamentio from its competitors in the market are its 3D interface, instant messaging features, cool 3D avatars, Gamentio Classrooms and the most exciting one- the reward points which can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards and vouchers for Flipkart, Domino's, Pizza Hut, BookMyShow, myGyFTR, Lifestyle and Cafe Coffee Day.

Gamentio offers four card games namely, Indian Rummy, Poker, Teen Patti and BlackJack. Rummy is one of the most played games on Gamentio hence sometimes it is also known as Gamentio Rummy. As Rummy is a very much popular game in the Indian Subcontinent, many people don’t face any issue while playing the game. However, as per the studies done by our in-house experts, it is being stated that people are yet to play & utilize the features of the game to its fullest.

So, here we will share our strategies to play Gamentio Rummy and earn more points in the game than you usually do.

  1. Try Gamentio Classrooms
    Here, you can learn
    how to play Rummy rule-by-rule through insightful tutorials. Also, you can practice in the demo game setup- before actually playing in the live rooms. It will help you in honing your skills and to learn some good tactics required to beat your opponent in the game.

    Click here to learn more about the Gamentio Classrooms and how you can turn the tables in your favour with its help.


  2. Keep a clear head on your cards
    When you’re dealt with 13 cards, sort them thoroughly and see if you can make any good combinations out of them. If it is not the case then you can always go ahead and fold your cards. It’s better to close the game, in the beginning, itself than a losing huge amount of chips in the end.
    Also, look out for jokers in your hand, if you have two or three of them then you’re good to go. Then all you have to do is to focus on making a pure sequence.


  3. Focus on Pure Sequence
    Making a pure sequence is imperative to make a valid meld in the game. Many a time, players forget to form a pure sequence and their meld is declared as an invalid meld which result in the lost chips. Had they played the game with more concentration, they would have earned more points as well as chips on the winning the hand.


  4. Good cards eh? Play longer
    If you’ve got good cards and a joker or two then you should play carefully. Play for a longer duration and with a good strategy. You receive more points when you play long with a smart strategy. Playing right always matters. It means that your moves should comply with the rules of the game.


  5. Bluff if you can ;)
    Well, bluffing is not everyone’s cup of tea. You have to master the art. Some people are just lucky to get away with it while others lose big time. If you can pull it off, great then go ahead! If the answer is no then build up your skills slowly. Bluff once in awhile so as to not let your opponent know of your playing pattern and strategy.


  6. Beware of dropping useful cards
    A mistake attempted even by veteran players. Many a time, players tend to discard crucial cards in haste. So, it is essential to sort your card beforehand to avoid unnecessary confusion.


  7. Drop high cards ASAP
    Unless you’re that high cards make up a good sequence or a set, discard them. Keep in mind that the mid-value cards have a higher probability of making up more combinations.


  8. Play more, earn more
    The more you play the more chances of winning the game you have. Consequently, the high number of points you earn on Gamentio.


  9. Socialize with care
    Chat option available on Gamentio gives you an opportunity to interact with your opponents. However, this should never affect your concentration in the game. Socializing is good but not on the altar of your winning game.


  10. Keep a tab on your opponent
    By keeping an eye on your opponent’s playing style and the cards he discards, you can attempt to venture a guess what combinations he’s is trying to make. If you have those cards which can prevent him from making such combinations and declaring his meld, then don’t lose out on those cards. You can change the losing game into a winning hand.


  11. Share, invite and earn
    At last, you can share on facebook each day to earn some extra points as well. Also, invite your friends on Gamentio to earn huge amount of points. Finally, when you have the required number of points, you can easily redeem them against recharge vouchers, Amazon Gift cards and much more.

We hope you that must have got a close insight on how to play effectively and earn huge points on Gamentio Rummy. If you have some more techniques to share which we might have missed over here, do share with us in the comments below. Also, click on the button below to enjoy online Rummy at its best and win exciting prizes!


Let’s Play Gamentio Rummy

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